On the Characterizations of Spacelike Curves in R_1^4

Muslum Aykut AKGUN, Ali Ihsan SIVRIDAG


In this paper, we study the position vectors of a spacelike curve in the Minkowski 4-space. We give some characterizations for spacelike curves to lie on some subspaces of  and give some theorems for these curves. The curvature functions of a spacelike curve  in are given by and in the paper. We give spacelike curves in terms of their curvature functions. If we consider a spacelike curve  in  with the Frenet frame  where N is a timelike vector and is a spacelike vector. By using these equations we give the position vectors of spacelike curves in terms of their curvature funtions and in 4-dimensional Minkowski space.

Keywords: Spacelike curve, Frenet Frame, Minkowski Spacetime, Subspace, Curvature functions.


Mathematics Subject Classification: 53A35, 53B30.

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